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Teen Rapper Lil Tay Mysterious Death

A message said the famous 15-year-old girl, known for her bold online videos, might have passed away. However, her father has not said if it’s true or not.

The reported death of rapper Lil Tay, also known as Claire Hope, has raised doubts due to unconfirmed statements from family and officials. Get the latest updates on this developing story.

Rapper Lil Tay, also known as Claire Hope, is said to have passed away, as mentioned in a post on her Instagram on August 9th. The exact reason for her death has not been shared with the public yet, but the post mentioned that it was a surprising and shocking event. The post also mentioned that her brother has also passed away. However, some people online are unsure if this news is true because her father and former manager have not confirmed her passing. Even when media asked police departments, they didn’t have information about her death.

The message on Lil Tay’s Instagram account, which is actually Claire Hope’s real name, requested privacy because the details of what happened to her and her brother are still being looked into.

After the Instagram post about her passing, both her father and former manager, Henry Tsang, separately mentioned that they can’t be sure if she has really passed away. Tsang told the Daily Beast that because of the complicated situation, he can’t say for sure if the news from the family is true or not. He explained more about this on TikTok. Claire Hope’s father didn’t say anything about whether his daughter is still alive or not.

According to Insider, the Vancouver Police Department didn’t have any information about her passing. The Los Angeles Police Department also mentioned to the publication that they didn’t know about an investigation into the death of someone named Claire Hope.

Claire Hope, who was originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and later moved to Vancouver, Canada, first became known to the public in 2018, when videos of her at the age of 9 became really popular. In these videos, she was seen using bad words and showing off expensive watches and money. During her short time being famous online, she got more than 3 million followers on Instagram, where she didn’t post very often. Her most recent post was in June 2018, and it was about the rapper XXXTentacion who got shot near a motorcycle store in Florida. In her post, she mentioned that she saw him as a fatherly figure. She also became friends with the controversial person Woah Vicky.

In 2019, Claire Hope and her mom talked to the Daily Beast. This was a year after she had posted worrying stuff on Instagram, where she hinted at having “bad news about Tay.” During the interview, she mentioned that she was in a difficult situation with her dad and talked about a fight for where she should live. She ended up moving to Vancouver to be with her dad and was homeschooled.

After they said she passed away, lots of new comments were added to her post about XXXTentacion. People are now saying, “Rest in peace X and Tay.”


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