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Singapore overtakes Japan as the most powerful passport ranking 2023 in the world. India’s number?

Singapore’s passport is the most powerful in the world: Being ranked first in Henley Passport Index, now Singaporean passport holders will get visa free entry to 192 countries of the world.

Japan has been at the top of the world’s most powerful passport list for a long time. Now it changes, Singapore has occupied the first place in the list, leaving Japan behind.

As Singapore ranks first in the Henley Passport Index list, Singaporean passport holders will now have visa-free access to 192 countries around the world.

India has improved in this list too. Five steps up and now the Indian passport is at number 80. Indian passports now on the same seat with Senegal and Togo.

Afghanistan is at the bottom of the rankings. Passport holders of this country can only travel to 27 countries without visa. Iraq and Syria are also at the bottom.

The United States has dropped two places on the list and is now at number eight. Britain has improved, however Britain is on the fourth place. Pakistan is at 100th.



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