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Shocking Mystery Surrounding MLB Star Wander Franco’s Absence Revealed! What Really Happened?

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On Sunday, August 13, Wander Franco observes the action from the dugout as the Tampa Bay Rays face off against the Cleveland Guardians during the fifth inning.

The Tampa Bay Rays organization issued an official statement on Sunday, acknowledging that Major League Baseball is currently investigating specific social media posts involving Wander Franco, the team’s talented shortstop. Franco was notably absent during Sunday’s game against Cleveland, which resulted in a 9-2 victory for the opposing team.

In their statement, the Rays confirmed the existence of these circulating social media posts related to Wander Franco. They emphasized their dedication to addressing the matter thoroughly and expressed their full cooperation with Major League Baseball as it conducts its investigation. However, the team refrained from disclosing the precise details or content of the posts under scrutiny.

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During the game, Osleivis Basabe made his major league debut as the starting shortstop, stepping in for the 22-year-old Franco. Basabe put on an impressive performance, finishing the game with a solid 1-for-3 record, including a double. His promotion to the major league roster was a direct result of his standout performance in a Triple-A Durham game the previous Saturday night.

Throughout the game, Wander Franco was initially seen within the Rays’ dugout, but he left the area during the fifth inning. Notably, the promotional event at Tropicana Field that day featured the Wander Franco Snapback Hat, targeted at young fans aged 14 and under.

After the game concluded, Rays’ manager Kevin Cash addressed queries about Franco’s absence from the lineup. Cash clarified that Franco’s absence was a planned part of his routine day off and declined to provide further insight into the situation.

It’s worth noting that Franco had previously faced a temporary benching spanning two games in late June, a disciplinary measure taken by the Rays. This decision was influenced by Franco’s handling of challenging situations and occasional issues related to team dynamics. Tampa Bay had previously secured Franco through a substantial contract agreement in November 2021, a deal amounting to $182 million over 11 years. This contract also included a team option for the year 2033, which could elevate the total value of the agreement to $223 million.

Throughout the ongoing season, Franco has solidified his status as an American League All-Star, boasting an impressive batting average of .281. Additionally, he has hit 17 home runs, achieved 58 RBIs, and demonstrated an impressive success rate of 30 stolen bases out of 40 attempts across a total of 112 games played.


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