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Maui Fire 36 Killed In Hawaii Island As Fire Moving So Fast And Destroy Whole City Lahaina

A big fire in Lahaina city on the main island of Hawaii caused the deaths of at least 36 people. The fire happened while strong winds from a faraway hurricane blew and made the fire spread quickly.

There are many other fires happening too, which have burned down whole neighborhoods. Many people had to leave their homes because of these fires, and the government declared a state of emergency.Rescue workers are looking for people who are still missing. Some people had to go to a safe place called an evacuation shelter. One person, Kamuela Kawaakoa, said that he and his family had to leave quickly and it was very sad to see their town burning.On Maui island, where the fire is happening, there are places where people can stay safe. But the government said it’s not safe for tourists to visit right now.

Firefighters are still trying to put out the fires. They’re using helicopters to drop water on the fires from above. The fire made it hard to travel on one of the main roads on the island.The Maui government said that 36 people have died because of the fire. This news came out late on Wednesday.

Wildfire Destroys Lahaina’s Banyan Court.

Slide the button to the left to view the full extent of the fire’s impact.

Many people have been hurt since the fires started on Tuesday. The hospitals on the island are helping people with burns and breathing problems from the smoke.

The fire has caused a lot of damage to Lahaina. Videos show the fire spreading through the city by the beach.

A person named Mason Jarvi said it’s the worst disaster he has ever seen. The whole city of Lahaina is burnt and looks really bad. He showed pictures to a news agency, and they showed that the area by the water is all black and destroyed.

Mr. Jarvi got burns on himself when he rode his bike through the fire to save his dog.


The fires made people jump into the harbor in the city to run away from the fire and smoke. Fourteen people were saved after they jumped in, said officials.

Shops and stores in Lahaina are broken because of the fire. A person who is in charge of schools said they might lose an old school that’s been here for a hundred years.

On Wednesday, the strong winds from Hurricane Dora were not as strong anymore. This helped pilots see how bad the damage is. Pictures from above showed burned cars on the streets and smoke going up from the broken buildings.

A helicopter pilot named Richard Olsten said it’s really scary. He’s been flying for 52 years, and he never saw something so bad. He said they had tears in their eyes.

Climate change makes the weather hot and dry, which makes fires worse. The world is getting warmer, and it’s already gotten about 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer since factories started making things. The temperature will keep going up unless countries all around the world stop putting out so much pollution.



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