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Isro Published The First Images Of The Moon As Viewed By Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3: Chandrayaan 3 is likely to land on the south polar region of the Moon on August 23, 5:47 PM.

After successful entry into lunar orbit, Chandrayaan 3 was able to send clear pictures of lunar soil. ISRO is waiting for the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar soil. It is known that Chandrayaan 3 can land in the south pole region of the moon on August 23, 5:47 pm. However, if it is not possible to land in August, it is known that Chandrayaan-3 may be landed in September.

ISRO Chairman S Somnath said on Monday that Chandrayaan-3 is in good condition. Now the most important phase will be the orbit determination process. This spacecraft will begin to approach the moon in a circular orbit of 100 km. ISRO Chairman Somnath told reporters, “We do not see any problem up to 100 km. One problem, however, is determining where the moon will be from Earth. This measurement is a very important measurement. We can call this the orbit determination process. If correct, the rest of the process can be completed.”

The ISRO chairman said, “So far there has been no problem. Hope everything goes well. Alternative plans are in place in case there is a problem with the landing.” He further said, “The experience gained from Chandrayaan-2 will be very useful. We learned from what went wrong, so we made a lot of changes to Chandrayaan-3.”


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