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Hertz Electrifies New York City with Mayor Adams in Tow

Collaboration between Mayor Adams and Hertz Expands Electric Vehicle Fleet, Boosts Employment, and Enhances Workforce Training


In conjunction with New York City Climate Week, Hertz (NASDAQ: HTZ) CEO Stephen Scherr and Mayor Eric Adams of New York City have officially launched the “Hertz Electrifies New York City” initiative. This innovative public-private partnership is designed to promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption, extend the environmental and economic advantages of electrification across various city neighborhoods, and create new employment opportunities.

As part of this groundbreaking initiative, Hertz has committed to integrating up to 1,700 electric rental vehicles into its local fleet. This move will also result in the creation of 100 new jobs in support of Hertz’s expanding presence in New York. Additionally, the initiative aims to collaborate with four public high schools to provide students with educational and training opportunities in the field of EVs. Furthermore, Hertz will contribute five electric vehicles from its fleet to assist New York City schools in offering practical training to aspiring auto technicians.

Hertz’s Chair and CEO, Stephen Scherr, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, stating, “Hertz is making a significant investment in the largest EV rental fleet in North America. New York City has always been a hub for technological advancements and innovation, making it a natural catalyst for the most significant transformation in the automotive industry in a century. We are thrilled to partner with Mayor Adams to launch Hertz Electrifies during Climate Week, making electric driving more accessible in New York City while also investing in the city’s workforce.”

Mayor Adams has been at the forefront of efforts to promote sustainability in New York City. The city administration is rapidly transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles, expanding the necessary infrastructure to support this transition, and setting a new national standard by mandating that rideshare vehicle companies be completely zero-emission or wheelchair-accessible by 2030. Furthermore, they are pursuing a comprehensive agenda to encourage electric vehicle use across the city.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed his commitment to this collaborative effort, stating, “New York City is at the forefront as we speed toward a clean, green, electric future. Public-private partnerships, like the one we are announcing today with Hertz, will play a vital role in helping us achieve this vision. Successfully transitioning New York City to electric vehicles and effectively combatting climate change requires a collective effort from the public and private sectors. As we celebrate Climate Week, we are proud to announce an expansion of our partnership with Hertz. This investment will make more EVs available to New Yorkers while preparing our youth for the emerging green economy and helping us combat climate change.”

As part of Hertz Electrifies New York City, Hertz is joining forces with and providing electric vehicles to A-Tech High School in Brooklyn, Thomas Edison Career and Technical Education High School in Queens, Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School in the Bronx, and Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School on Staten Island.

First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “This dynamic partnership with Hertz Electrifies is an exciting development. Building a cleaner city involves more than just one change. Through this collaboration, we are not only introducing more electric vehicles to New York City but also preparing for the future by training the next generation of the green economy workforce.”

Moreover, Hertz is sharing valuable telematic insights from its fleet of connected cars to support the city in planning additional public charging infrastructure across all neighborhoods through its Hertz Charging Opportunity Index.

As the Mayor’s EV initiatives are rolled out, Hertz will continue to make its EV fleet accessible to rideshare drivers in New York City. To date, over 50,000 rideshare drivers nationwide have rented EVs from Hertz, covering more than 260 million electric miles.

In line with its expanding EV presence in New York, Hertz is collaborating with bp to introduce bp pulse fast charging hubs in New York City, starting with midtown Manhattan. These hubs will feature ultra-fast chargers of 150kW+ designed to serve Hertz customers, taxi and rideshare drivers, as well as the general public.

New York City is steadfast in its goal to reduce transportation emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero transportation emissions by 2050. This involves encouraging more New Yorkers to walk, bike, and use public transit, and when they need to drive, promoting electric vehicles – a key component of Mayor Adams’ “PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done.” The plan includes ensuring that no New Yorker is more than 2.5 miles from an electric vehicle fast-charging hub, requiring parking facilities to offer charging options to customers, and mandating that all rideshare vehicles be zero-emission or wheelchair-accessible by 2030. The city is also supporting the electrification of freight vehicles, piloting the East Coast’s first low-emissions zone, and establishing shared charging depots for electric trucks. The city is leading by example by replacing nearly 4,500 fossil-fuel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles and operating its own 1,700-port electric vehicle charging network.

DOE Chancellor David C. Banks emphasized the educational aspect of this partnership, stating, “We are excited to announce this dynamic partnership with Hertz Electrifies. Creating a better and more eco-friendly environment requires more than a singular change. Through this partnership, not only are we building a cleaner city by introducing more electric vehicles to New York City, but we are also preparing for the future by training the next generation of the green economy workforce.”

New York is the fifth and largest city to join forces with Hertz through Hertz Electrifies, aiming to accelerate consumer adoption of electric vehicles and bring environmental and economic benefits to communities across the country.

Hertz Electrifies is a collaborative public-private endeavor with a primary objective to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and extend the advantages of electrification to communities across the United States. This initiative is dedicated to achieving the following key goals:

  1. Expanding Electric Vehicle Fleets: Hertz Electrifies aims to increase the presence of electric vehicles in various fleets across the nation.
  2. Accelerating EV Charging Infrastructure: The initiative is committed to expediting the development of EV charging infrastructure, making it more accessible and convenient for EV users.
  3. Creating Educational and Training Opportunities for Future Jobs: Hertz Electrifies strives to establish educational and training programs designed to prepare individuals for careers in emerging fields related to electric vehicles and sustainable technology.
  4. Enhancing Economic Opportunities through Electrification: Through the promotion of electrification, the initiative seeks to broaden economic opportunities and foster sustainable practices that benefit communities.”

About Hertz

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